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Viverant eVolution

Functional limitations such as chronic back pain, hip mobility issues, and soreness in knees / hips / etc. are rarely isolated to one single problem.  Often times, they are a result of systematic breakdowns that stem from faulty movement patterns developed over years of “misuse”. For example, you have hip issues, which cause a limited use of your hips and core and overuse of your back, hamstrings, and quadriceps muscles.  When this occurs, reactivating the core and hips is a difficult task; one that is typically overlooked or under-addressed.

To help you identify, address, and resolve contributing factors of your functional limitations, we are excited to offer eVolution, Viverant’s Pilates-Infused Physical Therapy Program. eVolution is centered around the focus of core development and integration through a therapist-driven, Pilates-based rehabilitation and optimization approach. As part of this program you will be educated and cared for by eVolution staff with best-in-class clinical expertise. Our goal with eVolution is to utilize our Pilates-infused PT to address, eliminate, and prevent the deficiencies limiting your body from reaching its maximum physical potential.

Anchored in the foundational and respected methods developed by Joseph Pilates, our program consists of two unique phases:

  • Foundation – during your initial visit, our team will evaluate your biomechanical challenges with Viverant’s CoreScore℠ assessment.  With it, we will develop a plan to address specific issues identified during your CoreScore assessment, and develop an individualized plan to repair and restore strength, stability and movement (your foundation). Foundation treatment encompasses manual therapy, PT interventions and Pilates-based rehabilitation exercises to get you back on track.  Your therapist will work with you to tailor a program including just the right combination of PT and Pilates for you.
  •  Lifestyle – after completing Viverant’s eVolution Foundation phase, you will then progress into a Pilates-based wellness and prevention phase. Our goal within this phase is to apply the fundamental principles learned during the eVolution Foundation phase to your active lifestyle through an individualized private or small group program that fits your pace and needs. Lifestyle is intelligent fitness and mindful movement that will let you live the life you want to live.

eVolution Foundation is typically covered by insurance, and we can work with you to determine your individual coverage.  As you progress into Lifestyle, we offer cash package options and memberships for all sessions that do not require individual therapeutic supervision.