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D.A.R.T. ACL Injury Prevention

ACL injuries are on the rise. Many factors influence non-contact ACL injuries, and research shows these are most common for women. Poor hamstring to quadriceps ratio, decreased muscle mass, slower muscle recruitment and improper knee to ankle alignment diminish overall strength and deceleration skills.

To combat weakness and bio-mechanic inefficiencies, Viverant has developed D.A.R.T. (3-Dimensional Agility Reactive Training). This 6-week ACL injury prevention program – designed and instructed by our expert physical therapists – will focus on proper form and muscle recruitment to prepare your body for the active lifestyle you desire to live.

The ACL needs help from surrounding muscles and joints to prevent abnormal stresses through the knee, so our total body approach will strengthen the ACL and surrounding structures for optimal performance.

We train athletes for strength and bio-mechanic efficiency in all three planes of motion – lower extremity, upper extremity and core. This 3-dimensional, total body approach is implemented through a progression of warm-up, strength, endurance, plyometric and flexibility exercises. You will also learn comprehensive deceleration and jump technique training to reduce the risk of ACL injuries and improve your performance.