Clinical Performance Training (C.P.T.)

Our bodies are in a constant state of change; recovering from injury, training for competition, fueling to perform.  Regardless of your present state, having best in class training throughout your efforts will ensure you achieve optimal results.  Viverant has developed a comprehensive Clinical Performance Training Program (C.P.T.) that combines the performance knowledge of our coaching staff with the clinical expertise of our Physical Therapy team. The infusion of these specialties will position you for results unparalleled in traditional rehabilitation, or training environments.

We offer 3 distinct paths:

  • Transitional Training - Individualized training protocols customized to address your specific needs as you recover from injury, overcome pain or dysfunction, or overcome imbalances limiting your recovery and overall performance. Transitional Training is typically covered by insurance, and we can work with you to determine your individual coverage.  As you progress into Lifestyle, we offer cash package options and memberships for all sessions that do not require individual therapeutic supervision.
  • Speed and Agility - Specialized training techniques that will help you achieve the explosiveness you desire, regardless of sport.
  • Strength and Power - Unique approaches to maximize strength and improve endurance, without sacrificing the form and flexibility you need to perform.

All of our programs will educate you on form and technique to prevent injury and ensure long-term, sustained results. Whether you're an athlete looking to enhance your sport performance, or someone who just wants to improve your overall health and fitness, our Clinical Performance Training program will help you reach your goals!