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Individual Performance Training

Viverant offers performance options unmatched in the marketplace – best-in-class training combined with world-class physical therapy.  By integrating these two disciplines, you can push the limits of performance training under the medical supervision you need for optimal results and reduced likelihood of injury.

Clinical Performance Training (C.P.T.) is an individualized rehabilitation and training program customized to address your specific needs as you recover from injury, overcome pain, dysfunction, or imbalances limiting overall performance. Your program will be created and managed by your physical therapists in collaboration with an N1 Performance Coach.

Individual Performance Training provides is a customized training plan to address your physical goals; whether you look to achieve success in personal fitness, athletic competition or simply maintaining the best body possible!  Depending on your needs, you may choose to include nutrition to fuel, physical therapy to move better, or even eVolution to target your core.  Our bodies are in constant change, so work with your N1 coach to get the custom plan you desire.