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Dennis Cernohous

Partner & Co-Founder

I want our patients to experience the same transformation I was able to achieve."


  • Managing partner, responsible for all business management activities
  • Extensive experience driving transformation and efficiency in roles at Accenture and UnitedHealth Group
  • Change agent who is passionate about improving health outcomes and achieving maximum potential


  • Saint John’s University, Collegeville, Minnesota: Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics

Dennis has spent the last 17 years in various roles driving innovation and change in the marketplace across multiple industries. He worked for over 9 years at Accenture, leading many strategic transformational efforts in the CRM division. He took his experience in driving innovation to UnitedHeath Group in 2004, where he worked as a VP of Business Operations. In that role, he focused on improving business performance while driving efficiency, innovation, and change into a variety of business functions within the Ovations business segment. Having gained a unique understanding of the health care system during his tenure at UnitedHealth Group, Dennis left in 2010 to partner with Pete Garber to launch Viverant. Together, they have built a business that aligns to their passions – helping people maximize their physical capabilities with a non-traditional approach focusing on results, challenging legacy paradigms, and partnering with their customers to achieve their goals. Dennis graduated from Saint John’s University, MN in 1995 with a BA in Mathematics.

More Info

I settled. I injured my back years ago, and I couldn’t find anyone to help me fix it, yet alone accurately diagnose the root of my problem. I wasn’t sure what caused it; likely an old college wrestling injury, but all the traditional approaches were getting me nowhere. So I sucked it up and settled. I golfed…in pain. I played with my kids…in pain. I lifted weights, ran a marathon, climbed mountains, and finally just accepted that this was my deal – the crazy, active guy with the sore back. Then I got lucky – a friend introduced me to Pete, and his unique approach to the body. He was the physical therapist with a twist. I almost didn’t go and see him. He was booked and I was busy with my sore back working in corporate America. He snuck me in as a favor to our friend, and changed my life in about 30 minutes. Literally. Yes, Pete confirmed I likely injured myself years ago. Yes, my back wasn’t working the way it was designed to. Yes, I was limited. No, I didn’t have to accept it. After about four visits with Pete, some simple homework, and a little persistence, I once again controlled my full physical potential. Previously, I had golfed often, but never that well. I couldn’t. I had been working diligently with my pro, Matt Garber, but there was only so much he could do. My body couldn’t move the way it needed to for my golf swing to be effective. That spring when the clubs came out and I introduced them to my new back, I realized my opportunity. Every time I saw Matt I bragged about how good I felt. He got tired of listening to me – then he saw me swing a club. He just stood there – and stared. He made an appointment and was in with Pete the next day. It wasn’t just golf. I started sleeping well. I broke through my plateau at the gym. I can play with my kids. It was the last time I settled. I told my family. I told my friends. I told anyone that would listen. Pete and I became friends, then business partners, as we decided that by combining our skills, we could bring these types of results to others. We launched Viverant. We all have impairments. We all have physical liabilities. We all have unmet potential. With Viverant, we created a company that can help us overcome them all and quit settling. I did. It changed my life – it can change yours.