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Marina Seba

Office Manager

"I strive to challenge myself daily to provide the best service and experience to our patients, and enjoy the looks on their faces when I succeed!"

Marina joined the Operations Team in early 2016, bringing with her 5+ years of experience in the healthcare industry. This background has fostered her appreciation for the patient-centtric care that is at the heart of Viverant’s culture and approach, and has in turned allowed her to not only gel with the Viverant Operations Team, but also resulted in her exceling in her job. Marina enjoys finding and maintaining a balance between work-flow efficiency and forming friendly and personable relationships with patients, which is apparent from the ever-present smile on her face and positive, professional demeanor she wears day in and day out.

Marina's drive to provide a positive clinic experience for patients, and facilitate an ease of communication between patient and provider (an aspect of healthcare that is too often missing) results in not only self-satisfaction in her job, but a positive overall patient experience at Viverant. She feels the care she provides to patients helps ease the burden of billing, scheduling, and other non-treatment necessities. 

At home, Marina enjoys spending time with her fiancé, German Shepherd Dog, and feisty tabby cat. The north woods and Lake Superior are favorite travel spots.