• Introducing N1 Motion
    Clinically enhanced performance training to elevate your game
  • NOW OPEN... Viverant Edina
    Viverant's new Edina, MN Location
  • Now Open...Viverant Eagan!
    Viverant's new location in Eagan, MN
  • The eVolution of Physical Therapy
    Leverage our innovative infusion of Pilates and physical therapy for
    best-in-class, low impact rehabilitation and optimization.
    Achieve maximum performance through
    proper function and balance.
    Let Viverant help you heal and get
    back your lifestyle.
    Once you get back on your feet, you
    don't want to get down again.
    We help you reach your potential, offering
    sports and nutrition optimization.


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Beef Up Your Bones, While
Being Gentle on Your Joints

Try these 3 strategies for better
bone and joint health, no matter
what your activity or sport.


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Nutrition Solutions

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The Glutorial

Reversing the damage from Gluteal Amnesia

Find out if you suffer from gluteal amnesia and learn exercises to retrain and reactivate your glutes.

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Pilates eVolution

Functional limitations are rarely isolated to one single problem. Often times, physical dysfunctions (chronic back pain, hip mobility issues, soreness in knees and shoulders) arise from systematic failures.

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Your body is 70% water, and with almost every chemical reaction that occurs in the body requiring H20, it?s a necessity to make hydration a priority.… 

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Oct 03

The Edina Team 

Meet our awesome Edina Team! Rhondi, Colleen, Kathleen, and Caryn will all be there when we open in mid October!  

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Sep 25

Soccer Injury Facts 

Sports specialization has become common into today?s athletic landscape ? particularly in soccer.  The fact that athletes train and compete year-arou… 

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