Don't let your aches and pains, big or small, hold you back from optimal health. Learn how to address these aches and pains during a studio or virtual visit with one of the experts from Viverant. For a limited time, this 30-minute visit is available to you for just $30!*

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Expertise for a range of symptoms 

Viverant's expert team is trained to provide guidance, education, and care for common and complex symptoms related to movement. You can learn how to address:

  • stiffness
  • tightness
  • numbness
  • discomfort
  • pain
  • weakness
  • imbalance 
  • performance plateaus
  • incontinence or pelvic discomfort
  • changes in energy levels

These symptoms may appear when you move, stand, sit, eat, sleep, exercise, or work. They can be new or been nagging you for years. 



An experience that moves you 

Based on your symptoms, we'll get you scheduled to meet with one of our expert physical therapists, registered dietitians, or performance coaches at time that works best for your schedule. 

During your visit, you will likely:

  • share a brief medical history 
  • discuss your symptoms and daily routine
  • perform a series of movements, like a squat, an arm raise, or a hinge at the hip

​Each of these activities will help our expert team identify the root cause of your symptoms, be it movement mechanics, alignment, posture, strength, endurance, gut health, or even your routine.

You'll leave your visit with a recommendation for what to do next. It's the first step in moving your body forward.


The road to optimal health is one visit away

You don't have to wait to prioritize your health and wellness. Start now so you're prepared for however life moves you. Space is limited, and this limited time offer is only available for visits scheduled before June 30, 2020. Contact us to schedule your visit today.

*This special visit is available to address new care at Viverant (i.e. new symptoms or new injury) or to access the experts within a service not used in the past (i.e. nutrition or performance coaching). The visit must be scheduled before June 30, 2020 to access the $30 promotional rate. Standard rates will apply when the visit is scheduled after that time. Must be a resident of Minnesota or Illinois.

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