Provider Name:Stefani Neubeck
Name Credentials (ex PTA, DPT, etc):CPT, RD
Title:Performance Coach and Registered Dietitian
Quote:A lifestyle focused on exercise and healthy nutritional habits will lead us to our best selves, and it will always be worth the effort! The journey will look different for every person, so discover what drives you forward, and do that consistently.

Stefani developed a passion for fitness at a young age, starting with gymnastics. The joy of movement and challenge of the sport led to a lifelong desire to maintain strength and fitness, and to help others do the same. Stefani began her career as a personal trainer in 2008 working in private studios as well as large gym settings. With the experience of training clients, she soon began to see client’s progress at a standstill, the nutrition component was missing. Soon thereafter she decided she wanted the tools to be able to help clients more in this area, and went back to school for her Master’s in Human Nutrition. Now at Viverant, Stefani is excited to not only help clients meet their physical goals, but also become their best selves with proper nutrition practices.

As Stefani began this journey further into nutrition, she also encountered her own health struggles, which has only fueled her passion to help others function at their best and learn how good they can feel. She now finds herself enjoying running outdoors, having completed Marathons and several train races. And most recently she has discovered her passion for CrossFit and the importance of maintaining strength as well as a strong workout community. When not at work or the gym, you can find Stefani spending time with friends and family exploring the Twin Cities, attending church downtown Minneapolis, or cooking up a new creation in the kitchen!

  • Weight loss and weight management
  • Strength training technique and proper progression
  • Behavior change and goal setting
  • Nutrition for overall health and performance
  • Pilates Reformer
  • Bidgeport University: Master of Human Nutrition
  • College of St. Catherine: Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science
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