Provider Name:Ward Bowron
Name Credentials (ex PTA, DPT, etc):DPT
Title:Physical Therapist
Quote:I aim to provide a unique and individualized plan of care to all of my patients, focusing on self care and improving body awareness.

After having a previous career in construction, Ward has passionately pursued a career in physical therapy and believes strongly in the value it can bring to a person’s life. He focuses on manual therapy, self-care, body awareness, and exercise as key components to a successful return to pain-free daily activities.

While attending Auburn University, Ward rode for the men’s cycling team and was ranked within the Southeastern Conference. Since college, he has continued to ride, as well as run, and participate in long-distance triathlons. He loves helping fellow endurance athletes and weekend warriors recover from aches, pains and stubborn injuries along their training journey.

Outside of Viverant, Ward enjoys his time with his wife, Rachel, and two children (Leon and Ada), with whom he simply feels lucky to be a part of their lives.

  • Manual therapy and soft tissue mobilization techniques
  • Spine pain and dysfunctions
  • TMD
  • Men's pelvic floor dysfunction
  • Overuse injuries related to endurance sports
  • Louisianna State University, New Orleans, Louisianna: Dorctorate of Physical Therapy
  • Auburn University, Auburn, Alabama: Bachelor of Science Construction Management
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