Provider Name:Lisa Zeman
Name Credentials (ex PTA, DPT, etc):MPT, CLT
Location:anytimefitness maple grove mn,
Title:Physical Therapist
Quote:I love the challenge of unraveling the multiple layers contributing to any injury and teaming with individuals to reach their personal goals.

Lisa has been working in outpatient orthopedic/sports medicine since 2000. She has experience working with acute and overuse injuries, non-surgical and surgical injuries and complex fracture/trauma injuries of all joints and spine. She is most sought after for her expertise with lower extremities, specifically knee injuries. Her clinical expertise of the foot and ankle includes custom activity/sport specific foot orthotics.

She has devoted much of her professional time to specializing in movement patterns in athletes specifically assessing run, bike and swim mechanics and how they relate to injuries and injury prevention.

Bone health is also a strong interest of Lisa’s and has worked with osteoporosis and compression fractures in older adults and stress fractures in athletes. She has conducted training seminars on bone health and secured grant funding to create a multidisciplinary Bone Health Program.

Lisa’s treatment approach focuses on assessing movement patterns and anatomical dysfunctions. She uses a combination of soft tissue and joint mobilization techniques and exercise and movement retraining to empower individuals to reach their rehabilitation goals.

  • Return to running, biking and swimming, including video analysis for biomechanical evaluation
  • Bike Fit certified
  • Bone health (osteoporosis and compression fractures)
  • Lower extremity focus–hip, knee, ankle and foot injuries
  • Pediatric sport and acute injuries
  • Concussion management including exertion therapy
  • Dry Needling


  • University of Mary, Bismarck, ND: Master of Physical Therapy
  • University of Minnesota: Bachelor of Science in Child Psychology/Child Development
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Treatment Areas:Concussion,