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Nov 10

Viverant Golf Open House

A quick reminder about the Viverant Golf Open House on Wednesday, November 16, from 5:00 PM to 8:00 PM. Stop by to see the new facility, ask questions about our new junior program, golf leagues, instruction, and new simulators. The event is at our new Vadnais Heights location - 3200 Labore Road, Suite 102. Directions are on our website under 'locations'. Own your body. Live your life.

Oct 28

Friday Laughs...

It is healthy to laugh! When you laugh, you release pain relievers and endorphins and 15 facial muscles are activated. A good old fashion belly laugh can exercise your diaphragm, contract your abdominals and shoulders then leave all your muscles more relaxed! Own your body. Live your life.

Oct 24

Tummy troubles?

If you just had a baby and do not feel like your ? 'core is working well you may have a split in your stomach muscles called a diastatic recti. Proper physical therapy can teach you how to strengthen and pull those muscles back together again to help prevent future problems in your body. Own your body. Live your life.

Oct 17

Suffering from Incontinence...There are Solutions...

Do you sometimes say "uh-oh" and leak urine when you cough, laugh, sneeze, jump, or run? Strengthening of your pelvic muscles can help minimize all of these problems plus it is simple and easy! And YES, Physical Therapy can help strengthen your pelvic muscles! Own your body. Live your life.

Oct 12

Viverant Winter Golf

Don't put those golf clubs away just yet. Viverant is launching our new golf program this fall/winter, to be showcased in our Vadnais Heights location. We will be offering golf leagues, dynamic golf lessons (golf pros working with PTs to get your body working the way it can), and a junior camp to help prepare young athletes for spring golf. Learn more about our golf approach on the website, or call today and ask for Dennis, Pete, or Maurie. Own your body. Live your life.

Oct 12

Dreading Leaves?

Sometimes I get this feeling while raking _. Raking Leaves Unknown author My poor back will surely break, If one more leaf I have to rake! Crusty, rusty brown leaves! Dusty, blustery red leaves! Crunching, bunching, scrunching beneath my feet. In a pile of crispy leaves, I 'll find a welcome seat! Tips for raking leaves:
  • Avoid twisting your back by using your legs to shift your body
  • Bend with your knees rather than your waist to pick up the leaves
  • Vary your movements as much as you can to avoid overuse of certain muscle groups
  • Do light stretching before and after raking of shoulders, wrists, lower back and legs
  • Limit the time you rake _.the leaves will still be in your yard tomorrow
Own your body. Live your life.

Sep 03

Feeling Great

One of the best things about life is being able to help. You mentor a kid, you not only inspire and help them, you feel great. Take a second or two out of your busy day to give a hand to someone and see their smile, you feel great. You teach a person to do something they didn't know how to do and you feel great. We hope you have a great day! Own your body. Live your life.

Sep 03

A Realization

I just had a nice realization. I can't see myself and have insurance pay for it. That's not the nice part. The nice part is that my deductible is high enough that I would have to pay anyway, so I can choose who to go to. I love capitalism. Own your body. Live your life.

Sep 01

Lakeville Has Moved to Lakeville!

Most of our Lakeville customer base already knows, but we've officially moved into our permanent site in Lakeville. Maurie and Brenda now reside at: 21034 Heron Way - Suite 101, Lakeville, MN 55044 The new site provides significantly more space for treatment, plus an expanded gym area nearly 2400 square feet in size, with ~20 foot high ceilings. It will be great for throwing, golfing, and all other back-to-sports activities our patients need. Stop in and say hi!

Sep 01

Don't Dwell-Just Fix

There is no I in team, but there is in idiot. I remember feeling like an idiot and guilty because I got hurt. It wasn't my fault, I wasn't trying to get hurt, but it happened. The best thing about getting better is learning. You find out pain is information. Initially, it's the injury. Next it moves to imbalance, that's where most people with injury gets confused. This type of pain can be from weakness, scar tissue adhesions, or poor muscle performance. A good team can help you distinguish what type of pain you are having. Working through this will help the pain go away. So you won't feel like an idiot. Own your body. Live your life.

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