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Sep 01

Do What you Love

Everyone has had it happen. You start to notice that pain, but it doesnt go away. You keep thinking, it will go away, it always does. Still, it doesn't go away. You blame age, your job, you go to the doctor and still the pain is there. Soon to stop doing the things you love. Tennis, golf, running, weight lifting all gone. It doesn't have to be. Own your body. Live your life.

Aug 27

The Gluteus Maximus

Do you have low back pain when you run? Your gluteus maximus muscle of your buttocks might be weak or inhibited (shut-down). We can help you make sure everything is functioning optimally _

Own your body. Live your life.

Aug 26

To the Core

Everyone is talking about ? 'core these days. So what is core? I like to think of your core as your trunk; so muscles of your abdomen, buttocks, back and even your diaphragm. Core muscles are important for runners. Often people have an imbalance of their core muscles. This imbalance can even be accentuated when you are trying to do the right thing by doing core exercises. However, you might not be getting the weak muscles of your core stronger _ Own your body. Live your life.

Aug 25

If the Shoe Fits

Do you have questions about your running shoes? We can assess your feet and your running gait to make sure you 're in the right shoe. Own your body. Live your life.

Aug 23

Tip of the Day-Warm up

Stretching is not proven to prevent injuries. This may be shocking! A proper warm-up and core strength are important for injury-prevention. Own your body. Live your life.

Aug 22

Prevent your Running Injuries

Did you know that weakness of your hip abductors (muscles on the outside of your hip) are linked to virtually every running injury? If you stand on one leg and the opposite side drops, then you have weakness of your hip abductors. Come on in and we can give you a personalized exercise program. Own your body. Live your life.

Aug 19

Overcome your Limitations

This week I have been talking about some physical limitations (tight hips, poor posture) that can affect us in day to day life and impede us from playing our best golf. Here are a few other physical limitations and possible associated swing faults: Glute (butt muscles) weakness loss of posture (standing up during swing), early extension (hips moving towards ball on downswing), loss of power, numerous other possibilities due to importance of hips throughout swing. Tight latissimus dorsi C-posture (excessive rounding of back) in set-up, restricted backswing and follow-through, poor arm positioning during swing. Tight shoulders poor arm positioning during swing, restricted backswing. As you read through various golf magazines and watch golf programs you can get a list and learn hundreds of different stretches, strengthening exercises, and other activities that are designed to help your golf game. Obviously, we don 't have time to do hundreds of different exercises. The key to a proper golf fitness program is to find the exercises that are specific to your body and as important, specific to your golf game. The best way to do this is to work with a qualified physical therapist who has specialized in golf as well as working with a golf professional who understands not only golf swing mechanics but how physical limitations can affect the swing. By assembling your proper team, you will be able to get the most out of your offseason program and thus the most out of your golf game next season. Own your body. Live your life.

Aug 19

Tip of the Day-Posture Exercises

So you feel your posture could use some work. Try these exercises and see if you don 't start feeling better and sitting/standing taller. Exercise 1: Scapular (shoulder blade) sets: Sit tall, bring your head back so ears are over shoulders, and tighten/brace your abdominal muscles. While holding this position, gently squeeze your shoulder blades together and down. (Make sure you are not squeezing them together and up as this is a common muscle imbalance of being too active with your upper trapezius - the muscles that run across the top of your shoulders and up your neck). Hold the squeeze 5 second and repeat for 5 10 repetitions. This should be done periodically throughout the day (4 -5 x during a work day). Exercise 2: Thoracic (upper back) towel roll stretch Roll up a bath towel ( 4 5 inches diameter roll) and lay it on a firm surface (floor usually works best). Lay down on your back with the towel roll along your spine. The roll should extend from the bottom of your neck down to your tailbone. Make sure to have your head supported by a folded towel or pillow so your head is not extending backwards. Your knees can be straight or bent up with feet on floor, whichever is more comfortable for you. I love giving this exercise to my patients because the next part is the best - - you need to just RELAX! Start doing this for 3 5 minutes only but you can progress to 10 15 minutes if comfortable. This stretch helps open up your chest and extend your upper back for improved postural position. These exercises will begin the process of improving your posture in day to day activities along with on the golf course. Please note these exercises should not cause pain. You may get some post exercise soreness in the muscles but should not experience any joint pain in your spine or shoulders. If you experience pain, stop the exercises and seek further assessment from a physical therapist or orthopedic MD. Own your body. Live your life.

Aug 17

Why is Posture Important?

Do you feel your posture could be better? Have you progressed into a posture where your shoulders are rounded forwarded, your upper back is excessively curved, and your head is positioned forward of your shoulders? Poor posture is caused by progressive tightness in the muscles that pull you forward (chest muscles, latissimus dorsi) and weakness in the muscles that hold you upright (upper back muscles, glutes, core). This is a common issue throughout the ages from adolescence (sitting in school, sitting in front of the TV and never achieving good upper back strength and proper posture) to elderly (progression from years of sitting and not maintaining good postural strength). This position can lead to many aches/pains in day to day life including low back pain, neck pain, and shoulder impingement. So when your mom kept nagging you to ? 'sit up straight she was doing it for your own good, not just to irritate you (even though she may not have known). This position is also a killer to our golf swing. As we set up to the golf ball in a position where our back is rounded (C-posture), we have locked our upper back (thoracic spine) and minimized its ability to rotate. Since much of the rotation for the golf swing should occur in the thoracic spine, limiting this ability leads to compensations throughout the golf swing. These compensations lead to inconsistency and increased risk of injury. Tune in tomorrow for a discussion on easy exercises to help begin improving your body posture AND your golf posture. Own your body. Live your life.

Aug 16

Tip of the Day-Hip Exercises

The more inactive we get (specifically sitting), the more our body revolts. One big problem area? Our hips... Unfortunately, the tighter our hips get, the more difficult it becomes to rotate properly in our golf swing. For righties, limited internal rotation on your right hip, or limited external rotation on your left hip, can significantly limit your backswing. The opposite can hold true for your follow-through. Because the hip joints are such a major contributor in the golf swing, this loss of mobility may be a primary driver in your faulty golf swing. A good initial good hip mobility exercise is called hip drops. Lay on your back on a firm surface with feet a little wider than shoulder width. Slowly and controlled, drop both your knees to the right, pause, then move them to the left. Repeat each direction 10 15 times (1 to 2 times per day). The key to this exercise is to keep your low back flat throughout the movement, making sure to get the movement through the hips, not the low back. Hips - a great place to start improving your game _ Own your body. Live your life.

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