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Sep 03

Feeling Great

One of the best things about life is being able to help. You mentor a kid, you not only inspire and help them, you feel great. Take a second or two out of your busy day to give a hand to someone and see their smile, you feel great. You teach a person to do something they didn't know how to do and you feel great. We hope you have a great day! Own your body. Live your life.

Sep 03

A Realization

I just had a nice realization. I can't see myself and have insurance pay for it. That's not the nice part. The nice part is that my deductible is high enough that I would have to pay anyway, so I can choose who to go to. I love capitalism. Own your body. Live your life.

Sep 01

Lakeville Has Moved to Lakeville!

Most of our Lakeville customer base already knows, but we've officially moved into our permanent site in Lakeville. Maurie and Brenda now reside at: 21034 Heron Way - Suite 101, Lakeville, MN 55044 The new site provides significantly more space for treatment, plus an expanded gym area nearly 2400 square feet in size, with ~20 foot high ceilings. It will be great for throwing, golfing, and all other back-to-sports activities our patients need. Stop in and say hi!

Sep 01

Don't Dwell-Just Fix

There is no I in team, but there is in idiot. I remember feeling like an idiot and guilty because I got hurt. It wasn't my fault, I wasn't trying to get hurt, but it happened. The best thing about getting better is learning. You find out pain is information. Initially, it's the injury. Next it moves to imbalance, that's where most people with injury gets confused. This type of pain can be from weakness, scar tissue adhesions, or poor muscle performance. A good team can help you distinguish what type of pain you are having. Working through this will help the pain go away. So you won't feel like an idiot. Own your body. Live your life.

Sep 01

Do What you Love

Everyone has had it happen. You start to notice that pain, but it doesnt go away. You keep thinking, it will go away, it always does. Still, it doesn't go away. You blame age, your job, you go to the doctor and still the pain is there. Soon to stop doing the things you love. Tennis, golf, running, weight lifting all gone. It doesn't have to be. Own your body. Live your life.

Aug 27

The Gluteus Maximus

Do you have low back pain when you run? Your gluteus maximus muscle of your buttocks might be weak or inhibited (shut-down). We can help you make sure everything is functioning optimally _

Own your body. Live your life.

Aug 26

To the Core

Everyone is talking about ? 'core these days. So what is core? I like to think of your core as your trunk; so muscles of your abdomen, buttocks, back and even your diaphragm. Core muscles are important for runners. Often people have an imbalance of their core muscles. This imbalance can even be accentuated when you are trying to do the right thing by doing core exercises. However, you might not be getting the weak muscles of your core stronger _ Own your body. Live your life.

Aug 25

If the Shoe Fits

Do you have questions about your running shoes? We can assess your feet and your running gait to make sure you 're in the right shoe. Own your body. Live your life.

Aug 23

Tip of the Day-Warm up

Stretching is not proven to prevent injuries. This may be shocking! A proper warm-up and core strength are important for injury-prevention. Own your body. Live your life.

Aug 22

Prevent your Running Injuries

Did you know that weakness of your hip abductors (muscles on the outside of your hip) are linked to virtually every running injury? If you stand on one leg and the opposite side drops, then you have weakness of your hip abductors. Come on in and we can give you a personalized exercise program. Own your body. Live your life.

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