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National Dairy Month!

The first of June marks the start of 30-days devoted to dairy! Milk and other dairy products are loaded with tons of minerals like calcium and phosphorous as well as vitamin D and B12, and are a great way to fill your snacks and meals with more nutrients. 

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Here are a few tips of our own to increase your dairy consumption and help build strong bones and teeth!

  • Challenge yourself to drink a glass of milk with at least one meal a day for the next 30 days.
  • Try adding Greek yogurt to your meals to add extra protein and calcium. Yogurt parfaits for breakfast, Greek tzatziki dip with veggies, or a yogurt marinade for meat are all great options.
  • Top your salad with a serving of cheese for added flavor instead of heavy salad dressings and croutons. Feta is especially great for summer salads when paired with fruits like watermelon and cherries.
  • Have a sensitive stomach or lactose intolerance? Try kefir, a fermented milk product that is 99% lactose free! It's loaded with live bacteria cultures to aid in digestion, and can have upwards of 12 grams of protein per one cup serving! That's 4 more grams than traditional milk!

What is your favorite source of dairy?

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