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Improving Your Food Environment

Mindless eating may be triggered by a variety of factors, or may be a result of your ? food environment Ł. Review these tips on various situations and strategies to make the environment you are in a healthy one. Improving Your Food Environment

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  1. Convenience is Key
    • Prep veggies right when you are home from the grocery store so they are just as easy to grab as a bag of chips
  2. Social Eating
    • Pay attention to the conversations and then take a break to pay attention to your food
  3. Portion Sizes
    • Visual plate rule Ď half of plate made up of fruits and vegetables
  4. Food Conditioning
    • Instead of giving kids a ?treatŁ for a chore, use solutions for ?bribesŁ or rewards such as going to the park or having a friend over
  5. ?See-FoodŁ Diet
    • Out of sight, out of mind
  6. The Forgotten Food
    • Put everything on your plate that you want to eat and don't go for seconds
  7. Surveying the ?Table-ScapeŁ
    • Reduce number of items on your plate at one time, use skinny glasses and smaller plates
  8. Nutritional Gatekeepers
    • Repackage large boxes of food into smaller containers
    • Bring less unwanted food into your home, buy more healthy options
  9. Distracted Eating
    • Don't multi-task
  10. Eating Out
    • Try ordering half an entrÚe or share with a friend
  11. Fast Eating
    • Slow down, give your body time to decide when it is full
What will you do this week to change your food environment? Twitter: #mindless eating #mindful #food environment
Posted by vivadmin at 5/27/2015 11:27:00 PM
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