Prevent ACL Injuries with D.A.R.T.

The number of ACL injuries is on the rise. Many factors influence non-contact ACL injuries and research has shown that these factors are more commonly found in females. Poor hamstring to quadriceps ratio, decreased muscle mass, slower muscle recruitment and improper knee to ankle alignment found in females all lead to weaker and less efficient deceleration skills. Although certain factors cannot be changed, it is extremely important to address any weaknesses and imbalances that are present. Viverant has developed D.A.R.T. (3 Dimensional Agility Reactive Training) to combat weakness and bio-mechanical inefficiencies in the athlete. D.A.R.T. appropriately prepares any athlete for the challenges of their sport. It is a biweekly, 6 week ACL injury prevention program. Is it designed and instructed by physical therapists at Viverant. Focus will be on proper form and muscle recruitment during all exercise performance. To allow the ACL to function optimally and prevent abnormal stresses through the knee it is essential that we receive help from the muscles and joints that surround it. Realizing how crucial it is that our ? 'friends (for example, the hip, thoracic spine and foot) help with our knee function, we must train the entire body. We developed this total body, three dimensional approach to allow the ACL and surrounding structures to function together optimally. This ACL program is different, as we train the athlete to be strong, successful and bio-mechanically efficient in all three planes of motion. The athletes will learn to properly decelerate their body during their sport or activity. The exercises are meant to challenge the athlete with three dimensional lower extremity, upper extremity and core movements. This three dimensional, total body approach is implemented through a progression of warm up, strength, endurance, plyometric and flexibility exercises. Incorporated throughout this program, athletes will receive specific, comprehensive deceleration and jump technique training. D.A.R.T. allows the athlete to train the entire body for the demands of any sport or activity, therefore reducing the risk for ACL injuries and improving their performance on the field or court.

*Monday & Thursday nights

*April 2, 2012 thru May 10, 2012 *6:00-7:00 PM *$240 per athlete *Space is limited to the first 10 participants Call 952.469.2101 today to reserve your spot or with any questions!
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