Introducing Sport Injury Assessments at Viverant

Is a new or nagging injury limiting your ability to compete at the level you would like? See a licensed physical therapist at Viverant for a Sports Injury Assessment. During your visit, the therapist will assess your strength, range of motion, flexibility and any muscle or movement imbalances. The severity of the injury will be determined along with a recommended course of action for ongoing care. This may include a recommendation that you follow-up with a physician for further examination or initiate ongoing physical therapy for rehabilitation. You will be educated on your injury and may also be instructed on basic stretches and exercises to help manage your current symptoms. The initial cost is $30.00 (*covers initial assessment-ongoing cost is unique by patient) Assessments are available at any of our locations (St. Louis Park, Lakeville, Vadnais Heights or Oakdale) Our experts are athletes and players so they understand your challenges. Our treatment approach is unique. We start by understanding our patients and gathering their input on specific challenges and goals. We develop an individual physical therapy plan of care program that includes detailed printouts of home exercises. We work closely with the patient to not only help them understand their plan, but ensure compliance and results. Call today to get scheduled! 952.469.2101
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