Dreading Leaves?

Sometimes I get this feeling while raking _. Raking Leaves Unknown author My poor back will surely break, If one more leaf I have to rake! Crusty, rusty brown leaves! Dusty, blustery red leaves! Crunching, bunching, scrunching beneath my feet. In a pile of crispy leaves, I 'll find a welcome seat! Tips for raking leaves:
  • Avoid twisting your back by using your legs to shift your body
  • Bend with your knees rather than your waist to pick up the leaves
  • Vary your movements as much as you can to avoid overuse of certain muscle groups
  • Do light stretching before and after raking of shoulders, wrists, lower back and legs
  • Limit the time you rake _.the leaves will still be in your yard tomorrow
Own your body. Live your life.
Posted by vivadmin at 10/12/2011 10:29:00 PM
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