Overcome your Limitations

This week I have been talking about some physical limitations (tight hips, poor posture) that can affect us in day to day life and impede us from playing our best golf. Here are a few other physical limitations and possible associated swing faults: Glute (butt muscles) weakness loss of posture (standing up during swing), early extension (hips moving towards ball on downswing), loss of power, numerous other possibilities due to importance of hips throughout swing. Tight latissimus dorsi C-posture (excessive rounding of back) in set-up, restricted backswing and follow-through, poor arm positioning during swing. Tight shoulders poor arm positioning during swing, restricted backswing. As you read through various golf magazines and watch golf programs you can get a list and learn hundreds of different stretches, strengthening exercises, and other activities that are designed to help your golf game. Obviously, we don 't have time to do hundreds of different exercises. The key to a proper golf fitness program is to find the exercises that are specific to your body and as important, specific to your golf game. The best way to do this is to work with a qualified physical therapist who has specialized in golf as well as working with a golf professional who understands not only golf swing mechanics but how physical limitations can affect the swing. By assembling your proper team, you will be able to get the most out of your offseason program and thus the most out of your golf game next season. Own your body. Live your life.
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