Tip of the Day-Posture Exercises

So you feel your posture could use some work. Try these exercises and see if you don 't start feeling better and sitting/standing taller. Exercise 1: Scapular (shoulder blade) sets: Sit tall, bring your head back so ears are over shoulders, and tighten/brace your abdominal muscles. While holding this position, gently squeeze your shoulder blades together and down. (Make sure you are not squeezing them together and up as this is a common muscle imbalance of being too active with your upper trapezius - the muscles that run across the top of your shoulders and up your neck). Hold the squeeze 5 second and repeat for 5 10 repetitions. This should be done periodically throughout the day (4 -5 x during a work day). Exercise 2: Thoracic (upper back) towel roll stretch Roll up a bath towel ( 4 5 inches diameter roll) and lay it on a firm surface (floor usually works best). Lay down on your back with the towel roll along your spine. The roll should extend from the bottom of your neck down to your tailbone. Make sure to have your head supported by a folded towel or pillow so your head is not extending backwards. Your knees can be straight or bent up with feet on floor, whichever is more comfortable for you. I love giving this exercise to my patients because the next part is the best - - you need to just RELAX! Start doing this for 3 5 minutes only but you can progress to 10 15 minutes if comfortable. This stretch helps open up your chest and extend your upper back for improved postural position. These exercises will begin the process of improving your posture in day to day activities along with on the golf course. Please note these exercises should not cause pain. You may get some post exercise soreness in the muscles but should not experience any joint pain in your spine or shoulders. If you experience pain, stop the exercises and seek further assessment from a physical therapist or orthopedic MD. Own your body. Live your life.
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