Why is Posture Important?

Do you feel your posture could be better? Have you progressed into a posture where your shoulders are rounded forwarded, your upper back is excessively curved, and your head is positioned forward of your shoulders? Poor posture is caused by progressive tightness in the muscles that pull you forward (chest muscles, latissimus dorsi) and weakness in the muscles that hold you upright (upper back muscles, glutes, core). This is a common issue throughout the ages from adolescence (sitting in school, sitting in front of the TV and never achieving good upper back strength and proper posture) to elderly (progression from years of sitting and not maintaining good postural strength). This position can lead to many aches/pains in day to day life including low back pain, neck pain, and shoulder impingement. So when your mom kept nagging you to ? 'sit up straight she was doing it for your own good, not just to irritate you (even though she may not have known). This position is also a killer to our golf swing. As we set up to the golf ball in a position where our back is rounded (C-posture), we have locked our upper back (thoracic spine) and minimized its ability to rotate. Since much of the rotation for the golf swing should occur in the thoracic spine, limiting this ability leads to compensations throughout the golf swing. These compensations lead to inconsistency and increased risk of injury. Tune in tomorrow for a discussion on easy exercises to help begin improving your body posture AND your golf posture. Own your body. Live your life.
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