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Mar 27

How Viverant is responding during this pandemic

Viverant holds the highest standards in providing an environment that promotes health and wellness for our patients and teams. In the case of a pandemic, we remain vigilant. Learn more about the actions we're taking today.

Mar 26

How the virtual connection is continuing care at Viverant

Care continues at Viverant, uninterrupted, as patients explore virtual visits with our team of experts. Already, it has become a meaningful and secure way to begin or continue care when patients are not able to visit our studio.

Oct 21

Continued Education

"Success is no accident. It is hard work, perserverance, learning, studying, sacrifice, and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do."

The following PTs have continued to learn and evolve in their profession by completing courses that allow them to treat a wider variety. Congratulations all on your course completions!

Sep 26

Soccer Injury Facts

Sports specialization has become common into today’s athletic landscape – particularly in soccer.  The fact that athletes train and compete year-around can have significant consequences counterproductive to an athlete’s overall goal – athletic optimization.  

Jun 07

The eVolution of PT

Sometimes after an injury a patient experiences a gap between being discharged from formal physical therapy and feeling ready to fully return to all their activities. That’s why Viverant created the eVolution program. eVolution Foundation uses Pilates-based exercises to fully rehabilitate patients. Patients in eVolution Foundation are being treated by physical therapy staff who are certified in Pilates. They will benefit from Pilates concepts such as exercising without joint compression, strengthening from the inside out and using mind/body connections to integrate the injured part back into full body movements.  Patients report feeling more free and connected to their bodies when participating in eVolution Foundation, as well as learning how to move safely and wisely.


eVolution Lifestyle is the wellness-based Pilates training program at Viverant. You can enter Pilates training as a Lifestyle client, or as a progression from Foundation. evolution Lifestyle is a private pay service that can be experienced as a private or duo lesson, or a group class. Our Pilates teachers are focused on progressing your level of fitness and teaching you healthy movement patterns that you can apply to all avenues of your life. Our clients benefit from the extensive knowledge of our highly trained staff. If you want to strengthen and lengthen your body, and improve your posture and coordination come experience eVolution Lifestyle.


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