Tip of the Day-Hip Exercises

The more inactive we get (specifically sitting), the more our body revolts. One big problem area? Our hips... Unfortunately, the tighter our hips get, the more difficult it becomes to rotate properly in our golf swing. For righties, limited internal rotation on your right hip, or limited external rotation on your left hip, can significantly limit your backswing. The opposite can hold true for your follow-through. Because the hip joints are such a major contributor in the golf swing, this loss of mobility may be a primary driver in your faulty golf swing. A good initial good hip mobility exercise is called hip drops. Lay on your back on a firm surface with feet a little wider than shoulder width. Slowly and controlled, drop both your knees to the right, pause, then move them to the left. Repeat each direction 10 15 times (1 to 2 times per day). The key to this exercise is to keep your low back flat throughout the movement, making sure to get the movement through the hips, not the low back. Hips - a great place to start improving your game _ Own your body. Live your life.
Posted by vivadmin at 8/16/2011 10:00:00 PM
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