Tip of the Day - Preparing for the Offseason

Because of the wet and cold spring, it seems the golf season has just begun. The unfortunate reality of living is Minnesota is that the end of the golf season is just around the corner. The question is: ? 'What are you going to do this offseason to improve your golf game next season? A couple of options are finding appropriate drills to work on your swing or work on your golf fitness. So why not do both? At Viverant, we have an offseason program that will prepare you for the 2011. Call today if you want to get in for an advanced screening... Believe it or not, sitting at your desk all day and in front of the TV at night watching the golf channel this winter won 't do a lot for your game next summer. Speaking of sitting at your desk.... check out my blog tomorrow to learn how hip tightness (which often results from sitting a lot) may be impeding your swing. Own your body. Live your life.
Posted by vivadmin at 8/15/2011 6:03:00 PM
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