Viverant Golf on Rosen's Sports Sunday

Viverant Golf is being profiled this Sunday on Rosen's Sports Sunday! The episode airs at 10:35 PM on WCCO-TV, Channel 4. Mark and his production crew visit our location in St. Louis Park to get a detailed look at our unique approach to optimizing your golf game. Pete Garber (co-founder and PT) and Matt Garber (golf instructor - no relation) will talk with Mark about our approach; Pam, one of our best students, will talk about how Viverant has changed her life. You can find out more about Rosen's Sports Sunday here, and we'll be sure to post the video after it airs. Viverant. Own your body. Live your life.
Posted by vivadmin at 8/5/2011 9:59:00 PM
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