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Young Athletes and Movement Evaluation

Through strategies like jump training, effective rest periods, and deceleration training, young athletes can avoid many different ligament, muscle and tendon injuries that are becoming far too common these days.

For even more preventative care and increased performance, there's another tactic to consider as well: movement evaluation.

Done by a professional physical therapist or sports therapist, this type of comprehensive assessment is often done when an athlete is not injured, in order to evaluate body mechanics and anatomic alignment. The therapist will guide an athlete through a number of movements in order to see patterns or areas of weakness that could lead to future injury. Here's why this type of assessment can help young athletes:

Establishes a Baseline: When a child or adolescent athlete comes in to see a therapist after an injury, there's no way to determine if the issue was caused by bad luck, bad alignment, or bad coaching. With a movement evaluation, a therapist will have a baseline that can be hugely useful for understanding the factors that may be contributing to an injury or condition.

Prevents Injuries: Overuse of certain tendons or muscles can cause significant damage, and weaken an athlete's body in certain areas. This creates a perfect storm for injuries. Movement evaluation can spot overuse tendencies before they become a problem, and re-train an athlete in a way that helps prevent chronic injury.

Enhances Performance: Through movement evaluation, a therapist will be able to see numerous issues, such as muscular tightness, stability problems, compensation in response to past injuries, and early muscle fatigue. By pursuing movement training that addresses these situations, an athlete is often able to increase performance and get stronger, faster, and more agile, because the body is in better alignment and operating at optimal functionality.

There are many concerns when it comes to potential injuries for young athletes. But being proactive through a tactic like movement evaluation can go a long way toward helping your young player stay safe and enjoy sports for years to come.

Posted by vivadmin at 5/20/2016 9:33:00 PM
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