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The Power of Dry Needling and Movement Therapy

For many people who are active, trigger points can become a concern, especially if injury or overtraining have occurred. These points, which develop in the connective tissue around muscles, have a number of causes but often lead to the same result: pain and limited mobility.

That's why effective treatment can be such a relief. By alleviating trigger points, you can get more oxygen flowing to the muscles, start the body healing itself, and recover quicker from exercise. Although massage can bring some benefits, you're more likely to see long-term results by combining dry needling and movement therapy.

Top Combo
Dry needling involves thin, tiny needles that are the same size as those used in acupuncture. A practitioner inserts a needle at a trigger point to release built-up lactic acid that's hindering the muscle. Once that occurs, oxygen can flow to the area and the body quickly begins to heal the irritation. Muscles that had been tight because of the trigger point often relax very quickly after even one treatment.

With movement therapy, the focus is on how you use your body to walk, run, reach, stretch, and do the other hundreds of movements that comprise everyday life. Our daily lives cause us to maintain prolonged postures or perform repetitive movements that lead to mechanical breakdown and development of trigger points. By training you to recognize and correct faulty movement patterns, a therapist can bring more variety into your routine and adjust any potential imbalances.

Major Advantages
By bringing together the release of dry needling with the physical re-education of movement therapy, you can handle the trigger points you have now while preventing others from forming. 

With that advantage, you're likely to see better athletic performance, including faster recovery timeframes, and fewer nagging and chronic issues. Alleviating trigger points isn't just about a quick fix, it's a recipe for being healthier overall because by eliminating pain and tightness, it can lead to better sleep, more energy, and even happier moods. 


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