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3 Things You Need to Do Before Training for Your First Marathon

1. Get a full body gait analysis 

Often times new runners jump right into training without thinking twice about their running stride or how their shoes may affect their marathon goals. Before heading out for long runs getting a full body gait analysis can benefit you in a number of ways. 

  • Correct poor running posture. Running with correct posture will reduce the chance of future running injuries such as low back pain. 
  • Avoid muscle imbalance. Running works specific muscle, often times creating muscle imbalances in other areas of the body. When giving a full body gait analysis, a physical therapist can recognize these imbalances and give recommendations.
  • Pick the right gear. A full body gait analysis can identify striking patterns so a shoe recommendation customized to you can be given. Take shoe recommendations for your foot type seriously. The right shoes for your foot and quality of shoe does make a difference as those miles start adding up.

2. Make realistic goals

When it comes to your first marathon, throw finish times out the window. Your number one goal should be finishing the race, regardless of how long it takes you. Marathons take a big toll on your body, nearly every physiological system is working as hard as possible. Finishing alone is an amazing physical feat. 

3. Stick to a training and nutrition plan

Running your first marathon can seem daunting, but sticking to a training plan and fueling your body correctly can make the journey much easier. 

  • It is important to not do too much too soon, find a training plan that progresses slowly and works with your schedule.
  • Though you may want to spend all of your training time running, it is very important to incorporate cross training into your training schedule. Add a strength and flexibility program, this will keep you strong and flexible as you increase your miles and decrease the likelihood of injury.

To learn more about a full body gait analysis and other ways Viverant can help you on your marathon journey contact us today!


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