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Golf and Core Strength: Drive the Ball Without Pain

Golf has increasingly become about the newest and coolest high technology equipment when the most important piece of equipment, the golfer’s body, is getting ignored. The body must be strong, stable and flexible to produce an efficient and powerful drive. 

Driving puts a large amount of stress on many areas of the body, especially the hips, back, knees and shoulders. Low back pain, in particular, is one of the most common ailments among both recreational and professional golfers. So why is this injury so prevalent in golfers? Lack of core strength. It is one of the biggest factors contributing to low back pain. When most people think of the core, they immediately think of the abdominals, but the core is much more than that. The major core muscles or inner unit of the core includes the transversus abdominis, pelvic floor, multifidi and diaphragm.  These muscles work together to stabilize the pelvis, lumbar spine and rib cage with all movement including golf. 

So what does increasing core strength do for your golf game? Increasing core strength develops stability in the back, helping take off the stress put on the joints during the rotational movements of a swing reducing lower back pain. A strong core also help maintain good posture throughout the golf swing, increasing accuracy and consistent contact with the ball. 


Here are 3 core exercises to improve your golf game:

Woodchopper standing or half kneeling

Complete 10-12 repetitions, 2-3 sets

1. Start with left leg forward, holding medicine ball down towards outside of left knee.
    Keep abdominals tight, belly button in line with the medicine ball
2. Stand, raising the medicine ball diagonally up and to the right. Follow the medicine   
    ball movement with your eyes.
3. Repeat now with right leg forward and medicine ball down towards outside of
    right knee.
4. Raise medicine ball diagonally up to the left. Follow the medicine ball movement with
    your eyes.

Prone plank with pelvic drivers

30 seconds in each direction, 2-3 sets

1. Get in a plank position, holding abdominals tight, shoulders above elbows. Drive
    pelvis/hips up to the ceiling and the back to neutral.
2. Repeat, in a plank position and slide pelvis/hips side to side
3. Repeat, in a plank position and slightly dip pelvis/hips right and left

Trunk Rotation on Ball

Complete 8-10 repetitions, 2-3 sets

1. Sit tall on an exercise ball with small ball or towel roll between your knees, with hands
    clasped and arms extended out in front of your chest.
2. Squeeze the ball to stabilize your pelvis.
3. Without letting your pelvis move, rotate arms/shoulders to the right.
4. Rotate to tension, hold 2 breaths and return to center. Repeat to left.
5. Can progress by holding weight or a medicine ball in your hands. 

Posted by vivadmin at 9/30/2016 7:23:00 PM
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