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Phases of eVolution: Foundation & Lifestyle

Both Pilates and physical therapy can be powerful ways to build strength, speed recovery, and prevent future injuries. That’s why Viverant has developed eVolution℠, a distinctive system that combines the best of both to harness outcomes not often achieved independently.

In order to meet your needs, eVolution consists of two distinct phases: Foundation and Lifestyle. Some of the same techniques are utilized in both, but each offers specific goals that are worth noting:


  • This is the most likely starting point for most patients, and will be focused on treating injury or chronic issues. 
  • You can refer yourself into the program, or be referred by a physician or Viverant physical therapist.
  • When you begin eVolution, you start with a CoreScore assessment that gives us an idea of how you use your body during everyday tasks and exercises, including how you integrate your glutes, core and trunk muscles.
  • eVolution teaches you how to build deep strength, in a way that’s easy on your joints. You’ll learn how to move more efficiently, with a session that uses your whole body, every time.
  • You are re-assessed every 6 weeks with an eye toward meeting specific outcomes that you and your physical therapist are striving toward.
  • Covered by most insurance plans.

Once you reach a certain assessment score—based on pain level, mobility, and function—you are ready to transition to the next phase, Lifestyle.


In addition to graduating from Foundation, you can also opt for Lifestyle from the start, as long as you achieve a passing grade on the CoreScore assessment. 

  • Lifestyle is geared toward optimizing performance based on your goals. If you’re an athlete or simply want to function at your ultimate best, Lifestyle will help you move more efficiently, gain strength, and prevent injury.
  • Although Lifestyle isn’t covered by insurance, there are several pricing tiers, including packages, and you won’t run into insurance restrictions such as a cap on the number of sessions you can do.
  • You can do Lifestyle sessions for as long as you want, as often as you want — there’s no “graduating” to a next level, simply a revisit of your goals and outcomes as you progress.

For more information on eVolution, contact us to set up an assessment and consultation.

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