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What's Your CoreScore?

To offer clients more meaningful outcomes in injury recovery, performance optimization, and injury prevention, Viverant has developed eVolution℠, a distinctive system that combines Pilates and physical therapy to harness the best of each.

Although each client will have specific goals and a tailored treatment plan, every eVolution track begins the same way: with a CoreScore℠ assessment. 

The CoreScore gives us an idea of how you use your body during everyday tasks and exercises, including how you integrate your glutes, core, and trunk muscles into movements. 

This isn’t a fitness test—don’t fear a return of those old middle-school gym days of crunches and pull-ups. Instead, the CoreScore consists of 10 whole-body exercises where the physical therapist will assess your performance of these exercises. Your outcome on each exercise is used as a powerful teaching tool to start to correct and restore healthy movement patterns.

The CoreScore will be retaken after every 6th visit in order to show you your progress and to continue to tailor your eVolution treatment for maximum benefit. Many clients gain significant insight from just their first CoreScore assessment, and they’re able to better grasp how weakness in one part of the body—particularly in their core muscles—may be leading to difficulties in other areas.

Although the CoreScore is considered a starting point, it’s a powerful kickoff to a results-oriented system. By knowing where you are now, you can understand where you have to go, and what it will take to get there.

For more information on eVolution, contact us to set up an assessment and consultation.

Want a free CoreScore assessment? Download our eVolution whitepaper and you'll find a free CoreScore voucher inside!


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