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Why Your Core Strength Really Matters

Every day, we’re surrounded by photos of six-pack abs and flat stomachs, and magazines seem to have an endless parade of articles on “beat belly flab” and “bikini-ready abs.” But while it might be nice to have an aesthetically pleasing midsection, your core is about much more than looks.

Core strength helps you in significant ways, every day and in nearly every movement. It’s at the center of how you reach, stretch, lift, and bend. Without adequate core strength, timing and coordination, you may be putting your body at risk for pain and chronic problems.

Also important to note is that your “core” isn’t just your abs. Although they’re in the mix, your core also includes your pelvis, lower back, and even your diaphragm, which is a sheet of internal muscle that’s important for respiration.

When you build appropriate strength throughout your core, it creates significant benefits:

Injury prevention: When you can move efficiently, it doesn’t load up one part of your body or cause certain muscles to take all the weight. Your back, shoulders, and knees aren’t being overtaxed just because your core lacks stability and strength.

Stronger back: There is so much back pain these days that it’s been called an epidemic. Apart from headaches, back pain is the leading cause of missed work days. Plus, there’s a ripple effect as the pain lowers your energy levels, disrupts sleep, affects mood and causes other problems. With a stronger, smarter core, you have a much lower risk of chronic back pain.

Better balance: As we age, there are many factors that affect balance, including eye and ear issues, medication side effects, joint health, and perceptual challenges. When balance is decreased, it can cause fall risk and other serious problems. But training the core can help to address these challenges and keep you on track as you age.  

One of the best ways to increase core strength is through Pilates, which focuses on core stabilization and control in order to prevent injury and optimize function. To achieve these outcomes, Viverant has developed eVolution℠, a distinctive system that combines Pilates and physical therapy to harness the best of each.

For more information on eVolution, contact us to set up an assessment and consultation.


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