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As I work to reestablish our Viverant Blog Posting, I started considering options for a great "kick-off" blog that is interesting, yet provides value to our readers ("reader value" will be the focus of most if not all of our blogs!!). I thought of talking about our thriving eVolution Program, or our new C.P.T. Program, or Dry Needling, or announcing our new Eagan clinic (hint hint). The Viverant Team was great at also providing ideas on what they thought would be a great first blog.


Then, the other day, I was sitting with Margi Heie, one of our "PT Pioneers" and Director of Internal Development at Viverant. She mentioned a conversation she had the other day and suddenly...BAM...I had my first blog. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did when I first heard her tell it:


"I was recently chatting with a co-worker who is in our business office (ie, not a healthcare professional).  In our conversation, I realized that we do some pretty amazing things here at Viverant (duh, right?).  However, we don’t really think anything different about it.  We have so many phenomenal physical therapists, PT assistants, dieticians, office managers, and “behind the scene” folks that just do what they do everyday without much of a thought.  It’s the culture of going above and beyond.  I like to call it “everyday awesome.”


In my role at Viverant as the Director of Internal Development, I have the luxury of going to all of our clinics and seeing what I am now coining as “everyday awesome” firsthand.  I hear so many stories of patients that have tried other treatments without success, and thought they had to "live with the pain".  I have seen the tears of joy when we help them, and see the sense of pride in my colleagues' faces when that happens.  


We have experts in multiple areas of musculoskeletal system, which is pretty cool.  We have the ability to reach so many people and change their lives with every treatment and special program we’ve created.   We have changed so many lives for the better, which means everything to our patients.  To us, we see it as just. . . everyday. . . awesome!"

Posted by amarolt at 5/5/2017 6:50:00 PM
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