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The Hipology Process

In this blog post, Margi takes you through the process of Hipology so that you know what to expect! Read on to learn how the Hipology Team gets you functioning properly!

Our Hipology program can help you with your hip pain, whether you are trying to avoid surgery or prepare for surgery. Often hip pain can be the result of muscular imbalances and postural imbalances. With how our bodies move and function in this society, we all tend to get weak gluteals and abdominal muscles. We often do too much sitting during the day (out of necessity of our jobs and commutes!), which has negative effects on our bodies. This is especially hard on our hip joints and it turns off our glute muscles. 

Our Hipology team members assess your whole body (we don’t just look at your hip). We look at your joint mobility, muscle strength and length, posture, and functional movement patterns. We are looking at how all of your joints function together (or more often don’t!). Then we create a plan to improve the areas that are dysfunctional or not in sync with each other.  We use various techniques to assist this process.  We may use manual techniques and/or dry needling to address your muscles, fascia, nerve tissue, and/or joint capsules. Then we incorporate various neuromuscular re-education techniques to re-educate proper movement patterns so that we can activate and strengthen the proper muscles. Your job will be to do the exercises at home to get stronger and practice the proper movement patterns.

But how does this work if you have a labral tear?  You’re thinking that this sounds super bad. I mean, hey, there is tissue that is torn!  Well, don’t fret.  A labral tear is quite common and actually the normal course for the tissue.  If we get everything functioning properly (as above), then you most likely can do all the activities you want to do pain-free!

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