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How the virtual connection is continuing care at Viverant

Care continues at Viverant, uninterrupted, as patients explore virtual visits with our team of experts. Already, it has become a meaningful and secure way to begin or continue care when patients are not able to visit our studio.

As our communities have adopted measures to protect our health during this pandemic, the team at Viverant has continued patient care, uninterrupted. While some patients have needed critical treatment, pain relief, or injury assessments in our studios, most are finding virtual visits to be a meaningful and secure way to begin or continue care during this time. 

Our patients are using virtual visits to:

  • Build a plan to address new injuries, aches, or pains
  • Check-in with their therapist, dietitian or coach and share updates about their progress
  • Perform exercises and get critical feedback on proper form
  • Learn creative ways to stay active at home
  • Adjust home workstations to avoid symptoms caused by poor ergonomics 
  • Get loved ones involved in using techniques to continue the healing process during our time 
  • Discover safe ways to move through common household tasks like moving laundry throughout the house 

Most importantly, our patients are getting the care they need to avoid further injury or regression common with taking time away from their plan of care. 

Virtual visits are hosted by a therapist, registered dietitian or coach through a video and audio capable call on your smart phone, tablet, laptop or PC. The connection is secure and HIPPA compliant. 

As we look forward, we continue to see the advantage of a studio visit—our team has access to provide our full line of treatment options available to benefit our patients. However, we now understand the benefits of this virtual channel in providing care and maintaining progress when patients cannot visit our studio for any reason. 

This pandemic may have pushed us in to the virtual world, but virtual visits are here to stay. They are an important tool for patients today and will continue to be valuable into the future.

Posted by ViverantBlogger at 3/26/2020 12:38:00 AM
 Tags: virtual visit
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