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Move Through Life. No Limitation.

That's the Viverant Way.

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At Viverant, we believe life is best when you move through it. When we move, we can play, discover, explore, and connect. Move the way you want to. Move freely, without limitation. Viverant is here to help.

"As a coach of high level athletes it’s important to find a group that shares your goals. Viverant PTs have been thorough and Communicative. They are able to keep our athletes Strong and Healthy Thank you PTs for the work you do."
Justin Z - Flyaways Gymnastics, September 14, 2018

Passionate Healers Serving Passionate Athletes

You need a provider who strives far beyond “just going through the motions.” Our employees carry more than the important letters or titles behind their names, and they don’t believe in settling for “good enough.” 

At Viverant, you’ll be met with the best and the brightest dedicated professionals, including performance coaches, physical therapists, registered dietitians, and office staff that will empower you to overcome injuries and break through performance barriers. Meet our team here

By integrating world-class physical therapy and best-in-class training, you can push the limits of recovery and performance training under the medical supervision you need for optimal results and reduced likelihood of injury.

We offer:

  • Clinical Performance Training (CPT)
  • Individual and Group Performance Training
  • Speed and Agility Rehabilitation and Training 
  • Strength and Power Rehabilitation and Training 


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Care that keeps you moving.


It’s a scientific law: an object in motion stays in motion. We want to help get you moving—moving the way you want to—so you keep moving. 

Our providers are passionate athletes who are individually invested in your recovery and optimization. Through years of experience, advanced techniques, and active listening, our providers are highly attuned to your body’s needs. We make use of the latest, forward-thinking industry practices and technology in three key areas:

  • Recovery: Heal and improve after injury.
  • Prevention: Safely sustain your new momentum. 
  • Optimization: Achieve your maximum performance.

In each area, we apply a multidisciplinary approach to your care, meaning your whole body gets better, not just your symptoms. You get moving and keep moving at your best. 

Care of Uncommon Heart

We believe your care extends beyond the walls of a treatment room. It transcends each connection you have with us. Therefore, each employee takes great care in attending to even the littlest details that may help accelerate our patient results. Even more, we take great joy in connecting with each patient on a human level, and we work hard to earn trust. We know that comfort with our care creates the best environment for healing, and we settle for nothing less.


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Care Within Reach.


At Viverant, we believe everyone should have access to move well without limitations. Unfortunately, we have seen restrictive referral processes and complex billing practices get in the way of progress. The Viverant approach is different. 

We work closely with you and your insurance carrier upfront. You’ll understand exactly how your coverage reduces total out of pocket costs, even without a doctor’s referral. In general, Viverant’s in-network relationships with most Minnesota insurance carriers mean you’ll simply pay a copay for each visit. 

This simple and straightforward billing process also applies when Viverant’s care falls outside of your insurance carrier’s network or you have exceeded your coverage limits. You know what to expect and avoid the surprising bills after your treatment is complete.


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Care That’s Close to Home 

At Viverant, we want your visit to fit naturally within your day. We’ve removed the cold, clinical atmosphere of long lines and expansive waiting rooms to expose a comfortable, inviting space that inspires healing. We’ve also expanded our footprint to help you avoid destination care that requires hours away from your day to accomplish your care. We have 16 locations scattered around the Twin Cities and Duluth with more on the way. Find the location that easily fits within your day.

Care for Your Whole Body

Just as the throwing wrist is connected to the throwing elbow, often discomfort in the wrist is linked to the movement in the elbow, and vice versa, of course. For this reason, our providers take great care in evaluating and treating your whole body. We identify precisely what is causing your discomfort of performance issue, instead of simply treating your symptoms. The result: You don’t just feel better, you actually move better. 

A Formula for A Life in Motion

With several convenient locations in Minnesota, a team of providers with over 100 years of collective experience, and a whole-body approach to effective healing, you can renew your freedom of movement with Viverant. When we work together, we can go beyond your immediate physical goals. You can actively move into the rest of your life

Get Moving. Start Today. 

What’s your next big move? Let Viverant help you on your path. Schedule your first appointment now. Call during regular business hours or share your contact information through our contact us form. We’ll get in touch with you right away.


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Ready for Your Next Step?

If you're ready to move the way you want to, just fill out the form below. We're here to help. Whether you want to book an appointment, ask a question, or learn more about our providers, we'll be in touch soon.

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