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Viverant Pricing

Understand the bottom line at Viverant. 

Healthcare costs can be complex, but they don’t have to be. At Viverant, we offer the most straightforward and affordable options right from the start. Focus on your health without the burden of surprising bills after treatment. Our 'one-size fits all' approach allows you to invest wisely in yourself now rather than more expensive options later. 

We believe that keeping your body functioning at its highest level is the key to living life to its fullest. We offer innovative memberships that allow you to take ownership of how you feel. With high-deductible plans becoming the norm, membership and cash options can fit your lifestyle while taking it easy on your wallet.

Choose the payment option that works best for you:

Option 1: Bill your insurance

We’re an in-network provider for most insurance carriers, even without a referral from your primary doctor. The amount you pay will be determined by your insurance carrier, considering your plan’s deductible, co-insurance, copays and out of pocket maximum. In most cases, your total out-of-pocket expenses come at a reduced cost to you. 

Option 2: Pay a flat rate

Keep things extraordinarily simple by choosing to pay our flat cash rate. No insurance, no deductibles, and no copays. Just one flat rate that you pay as you go.

Physical Therapy Rates

Service Visit Duration Price
Single Session 45-minutes | 30-minutes $105 | $70
Membership 45-minutes | 4 sessions per month $399
Dry Needling** 15-minutes $35
Dry Needling Membership** 15-minutes | 4 sessions per month $125


Performance, Pilates, & Nutrition Rates

Service Visit Duration Per Person Price
Single Session 45-minutes* $70
Membership 45-minutes | 4 sessions per month, any service (up to 1 PT visit per month) $249
4-Visit Package 45-minutes | 4 visits, any service (up to 1 PT visit per package) $275
Small group - 2 person 45-minutes $40
Small group - 3 persons 45-minutes $35
Small group - 4 persons 45-minutes $30
Mediator release test (MRT) N/A $395
MRT package (MRT + 3 visits) 45-minutes $590

What's my most affordable option?

Let our expert staff help you analyze the complexities of your insurance and compare our flat rates. Contact us to discuss your options.

*The standard duration for all visits scheduled with a Viverant expert.

**A prior visit with a Viverant therapist must occur before a dry needling visit can be scheduled.

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