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This is an internal documentaion page created so that anyone editing the Viverant site will have a clear understanding of the processes behind certain custom built functionality. If you have any information regarding specific site functionality or instructions, please add it in a text editor module on this page. Please visit this page before editing the site to see if it has been updated. 

Adding a Location

How to add a location: 

  • Go to
  • Edit the providers module. Add a new a tag for the new location. Class is provider button. Location data should match exactly to how this location appears in the data table. Name how you'd like it to appear in the menu.Publish.
  • On Providers page scroll down to the data table and edit list. Edit locations field. At the end of the list, separated by commas add your new loation(s). Hit save then publish.
  • At the top of the page, click add new provider. Edit the form and add the location to that form. Match it to the others.
  • Update the location on these forms:

How To Add a Provider 

1. Login to the Viverant website using the ‘login’ button at the bottom of any webpage 


2. Navigate to 


3. Click the citrus-colored ‘Add New Provider’ button:

4. Upload a ‘headshot’ photo of the provider (in JPG format, with 450x298 as dimensions) by selecting ‘choose file’ next to ‘Headshot

5. Fill out ‘Provider Name’ (First Last format), list the provider’s credentials under ‘Name Credentials,’ and Fill out their ‘Title’ (ex: Physical Therapist)


6. Fill out their ‘Bio,’ ‘Expertise,’ and ‘Education’-- these can be formatted and stylized using the built-in editors on every text box (for bulleted lists, bold text, line breaks, etc) or you can use raw HTML in the ‘source’ view

7. Select the provider’s ‘Status’ and ‘Category’ from the dropdown menus 


8. Use the checkboxes under ‘Location’ to set which studio(s) the provider is available for work (you can check multiple locations)


9. Use the checkboxes under ‘Treatment Areas’ to set which treatment types the provider specializes in (you can check multiple treatment areas)


10. Click the ‘Add Provider’ button at the bottom of the screen 

11. You’re done! Great work! 

Deleting a “Weblog” (Category)

1. Log in to the website 


2. Navigate to 


3. Click the weblog you’d like to delete on the right hand side 


4. Click ‘Edit Blog’ 


5. Scroll to the bottom of the screen and click the ‘Delete’ button 


6. You’re done! 

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