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Sign up today and you could receive a limited run t-shirt : Track your growth over time and watch your active life progress through movement.

Better workouts start with better movement.
So we are inviting everyone to the Viverant Movement Challenge, guided by Viverant’s exceptional team of physical therapists. Participate in our studios, at our Anytime Fitness locations, or from the comfort of your own home where you’ll find the movements each week at Put in the work and track your progress for growth you can see and feel in your active life.


12 movements. 12 weeks. 12 chances to grow your active self.



Helping People Move



It’s time to stop seeing physical therapy as a way to treat our weaknesses, and to start seeing it as a way to unlock our strengths. Viverant Physical Therapy is dedicated to helping every person move through life the way they want. That’s why we provide a free movement assessment for every visitor and invite everyone to join the Viverant Movement Challenge.

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