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Pete Garber, PT

Partner, Co-Founder, Physical Therapist

“I started Viverant to move patient care
back to the patient.”


  • Managing partner, responsible for all practice activities
  • Spinal specialist (upper cervical, lower cervical, cervicothoracic junction)
  • Neuromuscular re-education and muscle energy techniques
  • Athletic optimization and functional movement screens


  • University of Minnesota: Master of Physical Therapy
  • University of St. Thomas: Bachelor of Arts

Pete started Viverant to move patient care back to the patient. He was consistently seeing too many patients who had failed with other treatments, and needed an approach different from what everyone else had already done. Pete believes his job is to help patients accomplish what they want with their lives and doesn’t believe in telling them what to stop doing. His relentless focus on this vision has enabled him and the Viverant team to provide services that will allow our clients to recover, prevent injury, and optimize health and overall performance.

Pete has worked throughout the Twin Cities in an orthopedic outpatient setting, specializing in back and neck. His emphasis is on getting patients to a position where they can help themselves. He makes it a priority to ensure his patients understand the root cause of their impairment, identify and implement a treatment plan, positioning them to succeed post treatment, and to not simply be satisfied with progressing. Pete leverages a robust combination of physical therapy protocols, but puts an emphasis on manual therapy and neurological re-education.

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