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Our Approach

Viverant is not your traditional physical therapy center. We believe that a fresh approach to physical therapy can produce transformative results in people’s lives. We are experts at assessing, triaging and improving the biomechanical function of the human body.

We take a holistic physical therapy approach and partner with your physicians, golf pros, personal trainers, coaches, yoga instructors, or anyone guiding you on the path to physical well being. It’s not your usual approach to physical therapy—but then again, we’re not after the usual results. Experience our physical therapy benefits for yourself.

  • Recover We are physical therapy, nutrition, and rehabilitation experts. Our goal is not only to get you back to your old self, but also to help you discover your full physical potential. 
  • Prevent We view your body as a whole system, and help you achieve the full physical therapy benefits. One part of the system being out of balance can dramatically affect the performance of the whole. 
  • OptimizeWe focus on the function of the body regardless of sport and work with  you and your trainers, instructors, or coaches to get the optimal performance your body has to offer. 

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