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Individual Consultations

We offer custom approaches to meet your nutrition goals, regardless of where you are in your journey. Every person has different challenges, pressures and barriers to overcome, so we take a custom approach to meet your needs and achieve your goals.

Weight Loss

Our weight management program will educate, support and improve your lifestyle and overall nutrition. We will develop a comprehensive nutrition plan, customized to fit your needs, along with the correct tools to help you lose weight and keep it off permanently. By combining activity and meal trackers, food modifications, behavioral changes and the latest evidence on weight loss, we will guide you to optimal health!

Sports Performance

Proper nutrition is critical for achieving your performance goals, regardless of sport. We will help you gain an understanding of sport-specific nutrient timing, hydration demands, macronutrient balance and more. Working closely with an expert dietitian to improve your performance nutrition will enable you to rebuild your muscles and reduce overall recovery time. The result: maximize your training capacity and achieve your performance goals!  We also offer our Performance Fueling Series for teams seeking optimal performance.

Preventative Nutrition

This program focuses on preventing, controlling or delaying health complications that you may be at a higher risk for due to family history or personal health. We will evaluate signs and symptoms specific to your health concern(s) and implement the appropriate nutrition plan using evidence-based medicine. By taking healthy steps and making the proper changes you can reduce or even eliminate your future risks of cardiovascular diseases, kidney complications, gastrointestinal diseases and more.

Eating Disorders

Viverant’s expert dietitians take a personalized approach with individuals who struggle with disordered eating. By looking deeper into the physical and emotional health and well-being, we create a care plan addressing the entire body. Counseling, education, meal planning and support are all nutritional components we will provide to improve your relationship with food and movement.

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