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Performance Fueling Series

Viverant Performance Fueling Series is a collection of ten interactive topics on fueling strategies to optimize how athletes train, recover, and most importantly—perform!

The energy we require for tissue healing, strength, power, endurance, mental acuity, and overall performance comes from the food we eat and fluids we drink. Athletes will learn their optimal fueling game plan to succeed in their sport!

Performance Plates

Performance plates help you understand the roles of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats in meals so you can personalize for your training needs. Obtain guidance on energy and nutrient needs.


Water and electrolytes need to be replaced during specific times throughout activity. We help you perform a sweat rate calculation to get you the most accurate plan for timing your liquids and the ideal concentrations needed.

Pre & Post Workout

Making the correct fueling choices prior to competition enhances your cognitive and physical performance. Learn guidelines for the amount and types of foods to eat and a timeline of when to consume them.

Supplements Education

Using supplements correctly can increase endurance, enhance performance, promote adaptations to training, and safely speed up recovery. Learn which are best for your needs and sport.

Label Reading 

Labels are filled with unknown and sometimes unpronounceable words. Learn how to interpret a label to provide the best quality and composition of nutrients in your diet.

Super Foods

Super foods are just that, super! They pack a punch; filled with the things that benefit you. We’ll discuss food choices that are the best sources for energy, muscle building, and endurance.

Bone Health

When bone density is low, we become more prone to injury. Understanding the amounts of certain vitamins and minerals will help you maintain optimal bone health.


Inflammation is more than just redness or swelling; it’s also a result of intense training. There are foods that can increase or decrease inflammation; learn to identify what foods affect inflammation after exercise, and in turn, impede recovery.

Endurance Fueling

When you’re active for long periods of time you must create a fueling and hydration strategy. Energy levels can be sustained by making correct, portable fueling choices that you can access throughout your training, game, or competition.

On The Road

Traveling is often a downfall in an individual’s nutrition. Learn how to prepare for travels with shelf stable or cooler friendly options, and how to make smart and effective meal choices from fast food menus.

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