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Physical Therapy

Our goal at Viverant is to help you achieve your optimal physical potential, so we have assembled a team of expert physical therapists who – like you – do not want to settle for physical mediocrity. We hire the best talent and encourage ongoing education, resulting in the highest quality treatment for you, the patient.

We will work with you to achieve optimal physical wellness and performance with transformational solutions in three key areas:

  • Recover: Get moving again and discover your true potential.
  • Prevent: Effectively prepare your body for the active lifestyle you desire to live.
  • Optimize: Achieve maximum performance through proper function & balance.

We believe physical therapy is an essential component to achieve your goals, but when specific needs arise, we collaborate with physicians, trainers, coaches and other specialists to engage and transform the critical aspects of your everyday life. This approach provides expertise that is tailored to your unique challenges and desired results.

If you’ve never considered physical therapy as a solution, it’s time to discover just how good you can feel with effective recovery, focused prevention and optimal physical conditioning.

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