The Viverant Approach

Everything we do is focused on optimizing your life.  As experts in specialized movement, we utilize the latest, forward-thinking industry practices to help you meet your physical needs and reach your personal goals. Our multidisciplinary approach towards health includes physical therapy, Pilates, nutrition and performance – it’s our “Whole Body | Whole Person” approach to life.

Many patients approach physical therapy with a focus on recovery - the goal of reducing acute physical pain, limitation or dysfunction. We will help you recover – and more…. Our vision of treatment goes beyond recovery from pain – we want your physical goals to be limitless. We will help you recover from injuries, proactively prevent new ones, and optimize your life.

  • Recover: Rediscover proper movement and discover your true potential
  • Prevent:  Prepare your body for the active lifestyle you desire to live
  • Optimize: Achieve maximum performance through proper function and balance

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