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The Viverant Approach

At Viverant, we're focused on helping you move through life. It's the mission that drives everything we do. 

We start by hiring the very best in specialized movement--experts in physical therapy, performance coaching, Pilates and nutrition. We reinforce their skills with a commitment to continuing education, empower them to utilize the latest, cutting edge industry practices, and ground them in a culture that values going all-in and demonstrating courage, heart, spirit, and a fight to serve. 

Together, this multidisciplinary team collaborates in providing you with a transformational approach to care that addresses three elements of movement: 

  • Recovery: Eliminate pain and gain mobility through proper movement mechanics 
  • Prevention:  Prepare for all that moves you in life by building endurance and strength for your whole body
  • Optimization: Unlock your body's full potential to live the active lifestyle you thought you could only dream about

We maximize the impact of this approach by giving you one-on-one time within each visit. 

In the end, though, what matters most to our team is YOUR goal, however big or small. We don't just want you to leave feeling better. We want you to feel empowered to feel your best, for life.

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