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Meet the team that helps keep Viverant together! Our operations team helps to make our office warm and welcoming, and to help you have the best experience at Viverant possible.

Viverant Operations isn’t just about revenue cycles and profitability. We’re about maximizing our patient’s experience throughout their “life” with Viverant. From the first interaction through the last, Viverant Operation’s primary function is to help the patient, and the provider, focus on patient care. Patients whose primary concern is billing, authorizations, referrals or MD orders, are patients not focusing on their care.

The same goes for our providers: If they’re focused on answering questions about billing or charges, that’s valuable time away from patient care.

Our goal within Viverant Operations—maximize our patient’s experience by making their priority their medical care.

Provider NameTitleHeadshotCategoryStatus
  Britney Juten​Office Specialist Brit Juten-2.jpgOperationsActive
  Marcia Vermedahl​Office ManagerMarcia Vermedahl-2.jpgOperationsActive
  Stephanie Lang​Office SpecialistStephanie Lang-2.jpgOperationsActive
 Amanda StodghillOffice AssistantAmanda Pechmann-2-1242.jpgOperationsActive
 Anne JohnsonStudio Performance Coordinator(1)(3)(1)(1)Pump-One-Splash-page copy.jpgOperationsActive
 Brenda McCarthyPatient Financial Services Manager_DSC3442.jpgOperationsActive
 Brenda RichardsonOffice ManagerBrenda Richardson-2-1173.jpgOperationsActive
 Cheryl RadmacherFinancial AnalystCheryl Radmacher-2.jpgOperationsActive
 Derek GriffinMarketing Manager(2)(4)(1)(1)Pump-One-Splash-page copy.jpgOperationsActive
 Jen CravensOffice ManagerJennifer Cravens.jpgOperationsActive
 Jessica NelsonFinancial AnalystJess Nelson-2.jpgOperationsActive
 Kadyn HutchinsonStudio Performance Coordinator(1)(2)Pump-One-Splash-page copy.jpgOperationsActive
 Katie ScafaroFacility Operations ManagerKatie Scafaro.jpgOperationsActive
 Kristin DemullingOffice Manager_DSC3286.jpgOperationsActive
 Lauren McCaughtryOffice ManagerLauren McCaughtry.jpgOperationsActive
 Leanna DreherOffice ManagerLeanna Dreher 2-2047.jpgOperationsActive
 Maddelyn (Madde) BooneOffice ManagerMadde Boone-2.jpgOperationsActive
 Matt GarberSr. Finance AnalystMatt Garber.jpgOperationsActive
 Megan BodekerOffice ManagerMegan Juricko.jpgOperationsActive
 Monica ThorViverant Engagement SpecialistMonica Thor-7734.jpgOperationsActive
 Riley LarsonFinancial AnalystRiley-9030LR.jpgOperationsActive
 Tracy MillerViverant Engagement SpecialistTracy Geraghty-2.jpgOperationsActive
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